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The EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer program is designed to bring middle managers up to the level of Executive Leaders & hone the skills of existing InfoSec leaders. The CCISO program was developed by sitting CISOs to train the next generation of leaders

A qui s’adresse le cours ?

The CCISO program is for executives looking to hone their skills & learn to better align their information security programs to the goals of organization as well as aspiring CISOs.
Other information security management certification programs focus on middle management.
CCISO focuses on exposing middle managers to executive-level content as well as encouraging existing CISOs to continually improve their own processes & programs

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Contenu du stage

  1. Domain 1 Governance
    Domain 1 covers Policy, Legal, and Compliance issues involved in the executive management of an Information Security Program.Établissement d’une connectivité Internet
  2. Domain 2 Risk Management, Controls, & Audit Management
    Domain 2 is concerned with Audit and Risk Management, including understanding your organization’s risk tolerance and managing accordingly
  3. Domain 3 Program & Operations Management
    Domain 3 covers many of the day-today aspects of the CISO job including project, technology, and operations management.
  4. Domain 4 IS Core Concepts
    Domain 4 delves into the technology of the CISO’s role, but from an executive perspective
  5. Domain 5 Strategic Planning, Finance, & Vendor Management
    Domain 5 covers Finance and Strategic management, some of the key skills that help CISOs rise to the level of their peer C-Level executives.

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