Certificate in Compliance

Attention, cette formation n'est pas finançable par les fonds publics

Why ARGC’s Compliance Certificate?



Includes 1 year FREE AGRC membership 


Online examination and certification


AGRC qualifications are internationally recognised


Real-life case studies, interactive and self-paced

Here are the main benefits delivered by AGRC’s Certificate in Compliance :  

  • Comprehensive knowledge of compliance’s backbone including issues such as: What are the sources of compliance requirements and where are they found; What behaviour satisfies compliance, and; How do compliance personnel motivate compliant behaviour throughout their organization.
  • Via the use of four practical case studies, a thorough understanding of the essential elements of effective organizational compliance, including an in-depth exploration of its main concepts, considerations, and strategies for assessing risks and managing the compliance function and its related programs.
  • The necessary tools, information, practices and skills to transform you into an in-demand professional for financial institutions and other organizations looking to create compliance programs or strengthen their current compliance function.
  • Two chances to pass our certificate’s 40-question multiple choice exam.
  • Access to a comprehensive and in-depth study handbook that will help you ace our exam.
  • Free one-year membership to AGRC, where you can exchange knowledge and share experiences with GRC professionals worldwide.
  • Use of the AGRC’s professional designation as a compliance professional.

Expected Learning Outcomes (Les objectives)

Here’s what you can expect to achieve following the completion of this Compliance Certificate:

  • Understand the multiple Compliance requirements
  • Organize and monitor the operation of a Compliance management system
  • Implement processes for the management of breaches in Compliance requirements
  • Provide education and training on Compliance requirements and systems
  • Promote and communicate on Compliance requirements, systems and related issues with a sound understanding of the relevant legislation
  • Show leadership in the workplace
  • Identify risk, apply risk management processes and undertake Compliance audits
  • Manage Compliance projects

Target Audience (Public concerné)

This certificate is ideal for:

  • Professionals working in or aspiring to work in the Compliance area in a wide variety of industries, including the banking, insurance and financial services sectors
  • New graduates looking for a trending sector to move into
  • Employees involved in risk functions and auditing

Prerequisites (Pré-requis)

  • B2 English level

How to access (Modalités d’accès)

Customers wishing to subscribe to the training course make the request directly online at the top of the page.

Access time (Délai d’accès)

Within 24 hours of registration, you will receive the training kit.

Accessibility for disabled people (Accessibilité aux personnes en situation de handicap)

Please send an e-mail to handicap@learneo.fr

Teaching methods and resources (Méthodes et Moyens pédagogiques)

This course combines theory, demonstrations, interactive discussions and practical exercises. A course handout is given to each participant.

Assessment method (Mode d’évaluation des acquis)

Examination at the end of the course to obtain certification.

The Compliance Certificate’s Curriculum (Contenu du cours) 

AGRC’s Compliance Certificate covers the following specific topics:

– Compliance

  • Compliance programs and perspectives
  • Why do we need compliance?

– International Regulatory Drivers & Controls

  • What is regulation and what is it designed to achieve?
  • Market forces
  • Regulation put in practice

– Compliance in Practice

  • The roles of the Compliance department, Chief Compliance Office (CCO) and Board of Directors
  • Key compliance activities, processes and relationships

– Ethics, Compliance & Governance Perspectives

– Other Key Compliance Areas

  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Financial crime prevention
  • Risk management
  • Enforcement

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